How to Play


After joining or starting a game, your vehicle will materialize on the map as a driving buggy by the glowing spawn point.

Game Modes


Roam around in worlds of your creation or venture through other player-made maps. No responsibilities, just explore!

Quarry Capture

Blast away machine and sniping lasers in a game of hunt and evade.

One player is always the Quarry with a blue nametag. Everyone else has white nametags.

The objective is to pursue and tag the Quarry by shooting (+1) or ramming (+2) the Quarry's vehicle, thus becoming the Quarry. Then the Quarry can score more points by shooting other players. The Quarry has a slightly increased fire rate and temporary shield ability. You will lose a point for shooting other players when you are not Quarry.

Vehicle Controls

General Controls

or Movement
or Brake
Quarry Shield
or Left Snipe (only in 1st person)
(Scroll) Sniper Zoom
to Camera Modes
/ Camera Distance
Message Box
Mute Music
Invert Flight Controls

Special Controls

Glider Wings


Press or to activate point-and-click first person laser tag firing mode.

Right click or press to enter Sniping mode (scroll to adjust zoom).


Try driving with while holding with your left hand and aiming with your right. Never miss the perfect opportunity for a shot!

Flying upside down allows you a full range of motion for firing lasers at targets below you. There's nowhere your opponents are safe...

Press to type messages to other players, and to send them. Your hands never need to leave the keyboard!

World Creator

In the main menu, select Build A World to enter the world creator. Select the Terrain tab to create a terrain and paint hills. Select the Objects tab to add 3D models to your map. When you’re done, click the Level tab to name and save your map!

Internet Safety

Terrium allows you to connect with people across the globe. While doing so, please follow basic internet safety rules. Never share your personal information!