There is a cursed YouTube video!!!


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I clicked on this video but when it played it showed up glitchy so I reloaded the page but it was stuck and wouldn't reload and I couldn't load any other pages and my system was laggy and my clock and cursor were freezing/lagging repeatedly... so I put the machine to sleep and woke it back up and that solved the problem. So then I loaded the video again and the same thing happened but worse! System froze up completely including the clock and the cursor was sometimes lagging (cursor moves fine then moves laggy then fine etc). So I had to kill it and reboot. Then I tried a different video which worked fine so I tried this video again and IT HAPPENED AGAIN! So had to kill and reboot again but now my hard disk drive sounds different! It makes louder ticking sounds when seeking. WTF?!
This happened with Safari 9.1.2 in El Capitan 10.11.6 on a Mid-2009 MBP.

Here is the link to the cursed video:


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I decided to grow a pair and try it out with my default. (Firefox) It works fine. I never really liked Opera, anyway.
I'm guessing that a certain someone has a broken faucet that needs fixed?
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