Terrium Minecraft Server


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The Terrium Minecraft Server
A small semi-whitelisted semi-vanilla SMP Minecraft Server for the community of Terrium
Address: mc.terrium.net | Version 1.12.2
Join us on Discord @ https://discord.gg/7MHmQ7x
View Dynamic Map @ https://mc.terrium.net

How to join
Everyone is invited to join TMCS! TMCS will accept connections from cracked clients.
  1. Before connecting, enable server resource packs or click yes at the prompt. This resource pack adds sounds necessary to hear the MidiPlayer.
  2. Because TMCS is open (accepts cracked clients), an alternative authentication system is used. Upon your first connect, register a password with the command `/register <password> <password>`. Next visits will require you to login with `/login <password`.
  3. TMCS is whitelisted(ish), meaning you can explore as a guest but cannot build until you become a member. To become a member, register an account for this site if you haven't already, and reply to this thread with your Minecraft name. You will be a member within 12 hours. In the meantime, there is a guest area that you can build in.

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