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I've talked about Multiplayer Piano here and there but it hasn't occurred to me to make a thread.
This shall be the official Multiplayer Piano thread.

Multiplayer Piano is a web-app of a virtual piano that is multiplayer. You can play with your mouse cursor and/or PC keyboard.
Click your name to change your name.
If you don't like someone's pianoplay or chatting, you can mute them by clicking their name and clicking an option.
At MPP, you will find different kinds of players. Some players have a real piano keyboard connected while some only have a PC keyboard. You'll find a lot of players playing well; usually they aren't actually playing and are using a MIDI player. You'll find coders doing crazy things with the piano. There are also bots, such as NMPB, that automatically do things in the chat and/or piano.
Find out more at MPP Tools.

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Uh... So a bunch of strangers on the internet just bash keys together? Or is there an actual objective?
EDIT: Well, It's strangely fun, I'll give it that.
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