Cereal Box Discussion

While we are waiting for Terrium's release, I want to re-release Cereal Box Discussion. You see, 2 years ago in school I was working on a group project that involved Google Slides, my group started creating silly slides. So, I decided that I should remove it and store it in my computer. After a month I posted the Cereal Box Discussion on the old Terrium forum. Since then over 50 edits were made to the slides. After switching to the new forum Lamp replaced the Cereal Box Discussion with Terrium's own random discussion forum. Now after a few months I decided to put Cereal Box Discussion in its rightful place!

RULES (break rules and slides will be reverted to an older save):
1. Don't delete or make drastic changes to anyone else's slides other than your own.
2. Don't make duplicate slides, it reduces variety.

So here it is:

This thread will be updated if necessary.
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