1. Lamp

    Server Settings and Dedicated Servers

    Ace suggested that worlds should have their own server settings that cannot be changed by the game host. I do well agree that worlds should have their own settings, but I do not agree that hosts should not be able to modify it. Remember, one of the goals I suggested is that the Terrium...
  2. Lamp


    The new games or servers no longer rely on a 'host' because when the 'host' leaves, the game still runs. Because of this, maybe they should be called rooms. Calling them games is confusing because the game is called a game, and calling them servers may be misleading because they don't rely on a...
  3. Lamp

    World Repository

    I'm assuming Terrium is going to have a world repository but I should probably post my idea: First, I think the Terrium world list should be a list, like in Syn3h, not the pages with screenshots like in the classic Terrium. One fun thing about having a list is that each world is a surprise, so...
  4. Lamp

    There should be a front page

    Right now this site is just a forum; you go to and first thing you see are some forum boards without any hint of where the fawq you are. There should be a front page that firstly tells what in the world Terrium is, and then gives some news and stuff and links to play and download...
  5. Legendriver_Fios

    Additional Gamemodes

    (I made this on the old forum, so I thought I should bring it here. Thanks to Lamp for making the archive.) Here are some gamemode ideas I've came up with which I think will improve gameplay experience for Terrium. Deathmatch (DM): Everyone VS Everyone basically. You fire and hit with lasers...
  6. U

    For Random Ideas

    Just a thread to post random small Ideas for the game